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Thursday, October 21, 2010

So what: Clinton calls for Shalit release, American 'Palestinian' group applauds

This is from Ron Kampeas in the JTA:
This moment, at about 23 minutes into the video* was not an extraordinary one, to those familiar with the American Task Force on Palestine.

It's a group that works closely with the Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian Authority, that rejects Hamas, that engages Jewish groups that also embrace two states.

Here it is from the transcript of the secretary of state's remarks to the group's dinner:
And finally, those states in the region that are supplying weapons to groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas must stop. (Applause.) They should publicly reject the divisive voices who seek to discourage peace. And I will repeat today what I have said many times before: Gilad Shalit must be released immediately and returned to his family. (Applause.)
I don't know why Kampeas is so excited. Even Hamas favors releasing Gilad Shalit immediately (in theory) - in exchange for 1,000 terrorists.

When they applaud a statement calling for Shalit's immediate and unconditional release, call me. Until then, I'm not impressed.


At 11:24 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Neither am I.

Unfortunately, dhimmi Jews are wont to grasp any sign of presumed Arab moderation, even when there's no real evidence for its existence.

What could go wrong indeed


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