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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

'Septet' meeting Tuesday; 'settlement freeze extension' not on the agenda?

The 'septet' is meeting Tuesday morning. Here's what YNet had to say about it on Monday.
The seven senior ministers' forum is scheduled to convene on Tuesday in order to discuss the deadlocked negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

The ministers are expected to also discuss the tense relations with the United States amid renewal of construction in the settlements, and the American administration's proposal to temporarily extend the construction freeze.
But Israel Radio reports on Tuesday morning that the 'settlement freeze extension' is not on the agenda, because 'there's nothing to discuss yet.' Hmmm.


At 12:16 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

In other words, there isn't a Pollard offer or a concession from the Palestinians on the table that would allow Netanyahu to sell a freeze extension. And the reported goodies from the US are more of a payoff than keeping earlier promises, like Bush-era promises to Israel.

Where's the payoff for Israel? The politicians are not blind, they can read the polls and few people in Israel support an extension. Plus, Moshe Arens says if Israel says no on principle, it will win American respect. There is no reason for Israel to pay again for something it would eventually get anyway.

Is any one in Jerusalem listening?

Stay tuned.

At 12:46 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - Caroline Glick this morning has an article that relates to the revanant freeze. She points out that Israeli government has engaged in a pattern of wholesale usurpation and denial of Jewish property rights throughout the country while at the same time overlooking cases of illegal Arab squatting, illegal building, and tax evasion - all of which results in a nullification of the rule of law in Israel in a way that favors the Arabs and discriminates against the Jews - throughout the country and not just in Yesha.

There's more here:

Read it all

In conclusion, the terrible irony is the international and Israeli Far Left is absolutely correct is Israel is indeed an illiberal apartheid state. But is not apartheid that's being imposed upon the Arabs. Its apartheid that's being imposed upon the Jews.

And that's kosher in post-survivalist Israel as far as the Left abroad and at home is concerned. Where are the civil rights of the Jews?

What could go wrong indeed

At 4:39 PM, Blogger Eliana said...

Obama and company don't like the idea of having concessions demanded of them for the talks to resume. Only Israel is supposed to have to pay for the chance to get to the negotiating table.

Obama and the "Palestinians" are the ones who are supposed to make Israel keep giving concessions. Their job is to keep increasing their demands on Israel until the "Palestinians" get everything they want from Israel in final negotiations (G-d forbid).

Obama and company quite literally don't know what to do when the concessions tactic is played back at them. If Obama is so doggone desperate to see direct negotiations start up, then releasing Jonathan Pollard is a tiny request - isn't it?

Obama should be so excited to get the direct talks started again that he would be happy to drive Pollard to the airport himself, right? I mean, if Obama thinks the whole world will change if he can be "The One" and make "peace" where everyone else has failed all this time, right?

So why isn't Obama leaping at the chance to release Pollard to make this happen?

Concessions aren't fun when they're directed at you, are they Obama?


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