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Sunday, October 03, 2010


Two Givati Brigade soldiers have been convicted of endangering an 11-year old 'Palestinian' boy by having him open suitcases that they feared were booby-trapped during Operation Cast Lead. They are expected to receive suspended sentences.
The conviction is the first of its kind for what is termed in the IDF "neighbor procedure" which deals with the use of human shields during searches and pursuits, which has been outlawed [but was legal until relatively recently. CiJ].

In March the Military Prosecutor’s Office claimed that the two staff sergeants ordered a child to open bags that were suspected of being booby-trapped while searching a building in Tel al-Hawa, an affluent neighborhood on the south side of Gaza City.
During their trial, the soldiers claimed that they were being scapegoated.
During the trial, the soldiers claimed they "felt betrayed by the military" and that "this is a case that emanates a stench of wanting to appease international bodies that criticized Israel."
Oh, and least any of you think this was a result of the Goldstone Report, let's go back to the first link.
The two soldiers came under investigation before the UN’s Goldstone Report was released last September. The probe was opened based on information in a report compiled by a special United Nations representative appointed to investigate matters involving children and armed conflict, and following a specific complaint filed by the Israeli branch of Defense for Children International.
But don't let that militate against a complaint that Israel hasn't done anything about Goldstone.



At 2:26 AM, Blogger NormanF said...


Sounds like Monday morning quarterbacking to me.

The judge and IDF Advocate General weren't there and couldn't know if the decision taken was correct.

And they should try explaining to the families the outcome if the soldiers had died.

Preventing them from defending themselves is just inexcusable.


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