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Friday, October 01, 2010

Pennsylvania Senate race getting hotter

The Pennsylvania Senate race seems to be getting more desperate with Democrat Joe Sestak publishing this ad in the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent, which claims that AIPAC says Sestak has a 100% pro-Israel voting record. AIPAC says it's a lie.
"Joe Sestak does not have a 100% voting record on Israel issues according to AIPAC. It couldn't be true, we don't rate or endorse candidates," said AIPAC spokesman Josh Block of the ad, which ran in the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent.


A prominent AIPAC supporter in Pennsylvania, who supports Sestak but wouldn't be quoted by name because he doesn't speak for the organization, said that while the ad was "technically" incorrect, it reflected the fact that Sestak has voted for foreign aid bills and for sanctions against Iran, the major legislation AIPAC lobbied for.
Meanwhile, the Weekly Standard reports that the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee has scaled back spending in Pennsylvania (Hat Tip: Hot Air via Instapundit), while CNN reports that Sestak is within striking range of Toomey in its latest poll (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).



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