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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

'Peace Now' takes US government officials on 'settlement tour'

I've written several times - most recently here - about Israel's need for a law like the United States' Logan Act. That law is designed to prevent private citizens from attempting to conduct foreign policy on behalf of the United States.

If Israel had such a law, it could prosecute 'Peace Now' and its representative, Hagit Ofran. Ofran was photographed on Tuesday taking US government representatives on a tour of the Jewish town of Revava in Samaria. And I can guarantee you that her narrative was not unbiased.
Hagit Ofran, an official of the political lobby group Peace Now, was photographed Tuesday escorting U.S. officials and taking pictures at the Jewish community of Revava in Samaria.

American officials declined to comment and referred questions to the Consulate spokeswoman, who so far has not returned a phone inquiry.

Ofran, granddaughter of the late Israeli philosopher Yeshayahu Leibowich, often travels to Jewish communities in Judea to document construction of Jewish homes, which Peace Now opposes.

She hid her face after seeing that she was being photographed by Samaria Liaison Council director David Ha'Ivri, who greeted her with a “hello.”

HaIvri also saw her with Jonathan Cullen, a political officer with the Consulate. Ha'Ivri, whose group is an official Samaria government agency, previously has traveled with Cullen to explain to him facts that had not been known to American officials, such as the relations between Jewish employers and Arab workers and the extent of Jewish industrial development in Judea and Samaria.

Ha'Ivri told Israel National News that he asked Cullen, “What are you doing—spying on us?” Cullen replied, "We are just visiting.”

Ha'Ivri said to INN, "We give the United States information they did not know” about Jewish life in Judea and Samaria, "and we have nothing to hide. Now they come back with a political group.”

INN tried to ask the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem if the same escort privileges would be granted to nationalist lobby groups, but no one was available for comment. Cullen, as well as a U.S. Embassy spokesman in Tel Aviv, referred all questions to the Consulate.
Her grandfather is famous for - among other things - having referred to IDF soldiers as Judeo-Nazis. One of her relatives is currently serving a 20-month jail term for publishing classified US intelligence on Israel.


At 8:22 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

It doesn't surprise me she's a moser.

So this is what it takes to be a "peace activist" in Israel these days - to inform on the doings of your fellow Jews to a foreign power.

I think there's a term for it.

And in its obsession with the revanants, you can be sure the one thing Peace Now is not doing is advancing peace.


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