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Friday, October 22, 2010

NIS 60 million for FIVE cars a day?

You will recall the court order that the government open Route 443 to 'Palestinian' traffic. That court order was inflicted on us by the Supreme Court at the request of Israel's Left. The government complied with the court order at a cost of NIS 60 million. And the road is now used by - get this - FIVE 'Palestinian' cars per day.
To facilitate the opening of the highway, the IDF Central Command erected a barbed-wire fence along its length and surrounding the Givat Ze’ev neighborhood. It also built a new checkpoint at the entrance to the road that leads to Beit Ghur a-Fawka, where Palestinian cars are checked before being allowed onto the highway.

Another checkpoint was set up at the entrance to the side road that leads to Beit Sirya.

A third checkpoint, with six lanes, was built near the Ofer Prison and is used to control traffic coming from Road 443 into northern Jerusalem.

Palestinians still do not use the highway since it does not really help them. “If a Palestinian wants to get to Ramallah he cannot get there via Road 443,” the officer said, referring to the junction near the Ofer Prison where the Palestinians are stopped and forced to turn around since that area is already considered part of Jerusalem.

In addition, if Palestinians who live in the villages along the highway want to travel to neighboring towns, they usually prefer not to use the road, because they must stop getting both on and off at the newly erected checkpoints. Most just find it easier to continue using the back roads that already connect the villages.
The road was ordered opened to 'Palestinians' by the same 'experts' who have taken it upon themselves to decide the route of the 'security fence.' What could go wrong?


At 7:05 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

It looks like the decision backfired on Israel's leftist Supreme Court.

What is Chief Comrade Beinisch and her colleagues to do - institute a driver preference program for the Palestinians on Route 60?

What could go wrong indeed


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