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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Israeli team wins 48-hour continuous SWAT competition

Once upon a time, one of my kids got a hands-on tour of the training facility of the 'Yasamnikim' - our SWAT team - in the center of the country. The tour was awesome (Mrs. Carl and I were allowed to hang around for it). They rappelled down buildings, learned tactics and who knows what else (this was a long time ago). The Yasamnikim have a sometimes brutal reputation here, but their training is awesome. So this shouldn't come as too big a surprise.
An Oakland police SWAT team finished second in a prestigious, internationally known training competition this past weekend, losing out to a group of Israeli police but beating more than two dozen other Bay Area law enforcement agencies that participated.

The event was the fourth annual Urban Shield Training Exercise, a 48-hour continuous competition held at dozens of sites around the Bay Area from Oct. 15-18. Oakland won the competition last year.

In a prepared statement, Oakland police Chief Anthony Batts said, "This is an outstanding accomplishment for our SWAT team. To come in second place this year and first place last year proves our proficiency and professionalism in dealing with critical incidents."

Oakland police Lt. Mike Poirier, a SWAT commander, said Thursday he was "very proud" of the team. "This just proves our training and our tactics are among the best."


Twenty-nine teams took part. Besides Oakland and Israel and the Bay Area agencies, teams from Jordan and Bahrain participated. Tied for third were SWAT teams from the San Francisco Police Department and San Francisco FBI office. The Alameda County Sheriff's Office, which hosted the event, finished fifth.

This year's competition was designed to strengthen each agency's preparedness to respond to threats or actual domestic terrorist attacks, major disasters and other emergencies. Among the 26 scenarios were hostage rescue, maritime/train interdiction, weapons of mass destruction, and a nuclear facility threat.
Who'd a thunk it? Jews aren't supposed to be so good at physical competitions.


At 12:22 AM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

That is just another libel against Jews. In fact we are very tough, living longer than other races.

I have been looking at my family tree and others with my surname and there are quite a number of athletes in there! My grandmother was a ski champion and used to climb mountains.

My nephew is a talented soccer player in the US.

At 8:41 PM, Blogger Ericssson said...

man!! you don,t make any sense


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