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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Israeli airport security has a better idea than the full-body scanner

You just knew this would happen. Israeli airport security has a better idea than the full body scanner (Hat Tip: Rita E).
FINALLY - A great alternative to body scanners at airports . . .

The Israelis are developing an airport security device that eliminates the privacy concerns that come with full-body scanners at the airports.

It's a booth you can step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on you. They see this as a win-win for everyone, with none of this crap about racial profiling. It also would eliminate the costs of a long and expensive trial. Justice would be swift. Case closed!

You're in the airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion. Shortly thereafter an announcement comes over the PA system . . . "Attention standby passengers - we now have a seat available on flight number XXXX. Shalom!"

Hats off to the Israelis!!!!
It's a joke folks! Heh.


At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK OK it's a joke, but I love it!!

At 10:40 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

PA systems are often used in small venues such as school auditoriums, churches, and small bars. PA systems with a larger number of speakers are widely used in institutional and commercial buildings, to read announcements or declare states of emergency. The simplest PA systems consist of a microphone, a modestly-powered mixer amplifier and one or more loudspeakers.There are four Types of PA System: Small Systems, Telephone paging system,PA over IP,Long line PA.

At 3:13 AM, Blogger Wlyl3 said...

its a great idea. someone should start working on this


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