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Monday, October 04, 2010

Israel to be expelled from UEFA?

UEFA is the European governing body for soccer (they insist on calling it football, but all Americans know it's really not football), which operates under the umbrella of FIFA. I have documented several instances of UEFA/FIFA anti-Israel bias here.

This morning, someone sent me a link to a story that claimed that Michel Platini, a former French soccer star and the current President of UEFA, has threatened to expel Israel from the body. Never mind that Israeli soccer includes Arab teams from places like Sakhnin and Taibe. What really worried Platini, according to the report, is the 'Palestinians.'
The president of the European Union of Football Associations (UAFA), Michel Platini, has threatened to annul Israel's membership to the union because of the restrictions it imposes on Palestinian football players.

In a meeting with Jibril al-Rajoub, head of the Palestinian football union, Platini confirmed that Israel's non-adherence to international sporting regulations will lead to the cancellation of its UEFA membership.

He added; "We accepted them in Europe and furnished them the conditions for membership and they must respect the letter of the laws and international regulations otherwise there is no justification for them to remain in Europe. He continued; "Israel must choose between allowing Palestinian sport to continue and prosper or be forced to face the consequences for their behaviour."

Platini revealed that he had received a phone call from Joseph S. Blatter, President of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), in which he expressed his strong displeasure with Israeli practices and its restrictions on Palestinian players.

He confirmed that he would put all his weight behind ending the suffering of Palestinian players particularly in football and that he would undertake to convey this to UEFA's Executive Office during an upcoming meeting on the 1st of October in the capital of Belarus.
Perhaps all I need to tell you about Jibril Rajoub is that he was the head of the 'Palestinian security services' - Arafat's goons - until 2002.

In any event, I have my doubts about the credibility of this report for several reasons. First, it is sourced through something called the 'Palestinian Information Centre,' and every single Google result that picked it up came from the source. No AP, no Reuters, no BBC, no AFP - none of whom would ever hesitate to lambaste Israel. Nothing on ESPN either.

Second, the meeting in Belarus was held on October 1. Today is October 4. There is nothing subsequent to this report (except that it was parroted around the internet over the weekend). If action had been taken - or even discussed - on Friday in Belarus, I would think someone would have reported it.

In sum, I don't believe this story is true. It's either wishful thinking by the 'Palestinians' or UEFA decided - despite all their past biases against Israel - not to act.

But stay tuned because you never know what's coming next.


At 10:10 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

If Israel does get expelled, no big deal.

It simply means European teams won't be able to play in Israel.

So I don't see that really happening... but you never do know.

Stay tuned.

At 4:29 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

I have checked UEFA's site, news, developments, chairman's statements; there is NOTHING about that!I checked google articles, the only 2 mentions are this post and the original lie from memo!

It is a blatant lie and blood libel, in the tradition of anti-Semitic lies and blood libels. These liars think if they repeat a lie often enough it will become true! Whereas Israel has arab players in the team, do arab teams have Jews or Christians? NO! QED.


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