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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

IDF ethics guru slams High Court ruling on neighbor procedure

When it comes to military ethics, Asa Kasher literally wrote the book. He's the author of the ethics manual by which all IDF soldiers are expected to abide.

As I noted on Sunday, two IDF soldiers have been convicted for using something called the 'neighbor procedure.' The 'neighbor procedure' calls for using an Arab resident of a building being entered or searched to enter the building or to open suspicious objects. The theory behind it is that a terrorist in the building is less likely to shoot one of their neighbors than to shoot an IDF soldier, or that the neighbor is more likely to know whether a certain package is booby-trapped than the IDF soldiers who might otherwise open it.

The Supreme Court outlawed all use of the neighbor procedure five years ago. Kasher says that the Supreme Court is wrong, although the military court that convicted the two soldiers on Sunday was right.
“What those two soldiers did was wrong,” said Kasher in a telephone interview, endorsing the military court ruling. “But there are situations in which the use of the enemy’s civilian population to defuse a potentially explosive situation is not only ethically permissible, it also saves lives.”

In many instances of confrontation between IDF forces and a terror suspect who has barricaded him or herself inside a building, neighbors who are either family from the same clan or friends can peacefully and effectively neutralize the situation, Kasher explained.

Neighbors often have a vested interest in preventing the IDF from destroying the building where the suspect is hiding because they live in the same building; relatives or loved ones also have a desire to save the terrorist’s life, Kasher explained.

“If they volunteer to do so of their own free will they should be allowed to,” said Kasher.
Read the whole thing. I wonder if any other army in the world would give a though to not using the neighbor procedure.


At 9:18 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Israel's leftist justices are not the ones who have to explain to parents why their loved ones were killed in a war as as a result of their idiotic ban on soldiers protecting themselves in the heat of battle.

The soldiers who were convicted did the right thing and they are alive today. No one - not Israel's Supremes, not Asa Kasher and certainly not the military judges who convicted them can tell them they were wrong to do it.

They are scapegoats - a sacrificial offering to Goldstone and every one in Israel knows it. And this miscarriage of justice is just despicable.

Their country failed to stand by them and should be ashamed of itself.


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