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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hezbullah backing Harry Reid?

Debbie Schlussel reports that Hezbullah may be behind a campaign against Sharron Angle, the Nevada Republican who is challenging current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
So who is paying for it? My sources say that it may be Hezbollah cash, funneled to Mr. Beydoun, who identifies himself as a “Democratic consultant.” He’s actually a Hezbollah activist and very open about that. And until Beydoun–a proud supporter of Hezbollah, whose Shi’ite Muslim South Lebanese family is prominent in the terrorist organization–shows us an accounting of where the money came from, it’s pretty safe to assume that the money came from sources connected with Hezbollah.
Read it all.

I wonder if President Obama and the Democrats will express any concern about this foreign cash being used to finance a campaign against Sharron Angle.


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