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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Faster, faster please

Researchers at the Technion in Haifa have developed a simple blood test that screens for cancer.
An innovative, simple blood test that can diagnose a variety of diseases, including cancer, has been developed by researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and was just reported in a central article in the Proceedings of the [US] National Academy of Sciences.

The Technion has registered a patent on the development.

Prof. Aryeh Admon of the biology faculty claims that the test will provide doctors with a rich variety of information that until now has not been available and is suited to the trend of “personalized medicine,” in which treatment is suited to the genetic and other characteristics of the patient. The development was part of the doctoral work of Dr. Miochal Bassani- Sternberg and will help suit medication to the patient.

As opposed to current blood tests for cancer which merely note whether cancerous cells are still in the blood stream, the new test will be able to differentiate between different kinds of cancers and tumors as well as other diseases. Scientists are now working on the technique.
I guess they won't be using this test in the Arab world. After all, it comes from Israel.



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