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Monday, September 27, 2010

'Palestinian Authority' won't try to refer Goldstone to International Criminal Court for now

The 'Palestinian Authority' says it will not push to refer the Goldstone Report findings to the International Criminal Court - for now.
A resolution to be submitted to the UN Human Rights Council on Monday or Tuesday will reiterate allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed throughout the war and denounce Israel's investigations.

But the PA's resolution is likely to disappoint Palestinian and Israeli human rights advocates who have condemned the international community's ongoing failure to prosecute the alleged violations of international law.

A coalition of rights groups is calling on the UN body to ensure accountability by referring the allegations to the ICC immediately, following the UN's rejection of the domestic inquiries led by Israeli and Hamas authorities.

As recommended by South African jurist Richard Goldstone's UN fact-finding mission, "it is imperative that immediate urgent recourse be had to mechanisms of international criminal justice," the groups including Badil and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights said.

"Those suspected of committing the most serious crimes of the international community cannot continue to be granted impunity. Victims' rights cannot continue to be denied," the statement, issued Thursday by seven Palestinian and Israeli rights groups, said.
I wonder how many of those Israeli rights groups are supported by the New Israel Fund.


At 8:32 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The PA is good at practicing extortion.

It may end up making no difference if Israel gives away the store... Goldstone will sooner than later wind up at the International Criminal Court.

Stay tuned.


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