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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Obamanator releases the Stuxnet worm

David Solway explains how the Obamanator has infected the United States with the Stuxnet worm.
Given his manifestly unpresidential comportment, including a lifestyle of “fun and games” while a country groans, it is hard to resist a contemporary analogy. Assuming it is not Herostratic fame he is after but the destruction of free-market republicanism, Obama is the living incarnation of ideological malware. He is like a Stuxnet-bearing USB memory device inserted into America’s political operating system and gradually but ineluctably infecting the entire network, from foreign policy to almost every aspect of domestic management, turning the state against itself. Like Stuxnet, the president appeared on the scene without much, if any, in the way of prior warning, exploiting the flaws and vulnerabilities in the system, reprogramming the governing process with the help of default passwords, that is, fine-sounding slogans, and mutating through the software of administrative command. No one has yet come up with an effective counteragent or a way to patch the loopholes in the legislative architecture. The “worm” continues to seize control of its target, replicating from node to node along the democratic circuitry which nerves the country, with something like the same insatiable appetite of the “great Worm” in Dante’s third circle of the Inferno, rending “the people embogged about his lair.”


Meanwhile, the septic travesty persists. In less than two years under Obama’s once-clandestine tradecraft, the United States has become almost unrecognizable, saddled with astronomical deficits, printing fiat currency, shredding the protocols of investment security, retreating before the threats looming on the international front, bowing to autocratic belligerents, utterly misconstruing the volatile Middle East to everyone’s eventual detriment, ceding to the most corrupt institution on the face of the planet, a.k.a. the United Nations, promoting costly and dubious new-age fantasies like cap and tax, distorting the concept and practice of justice as it pertains to the treatment of its own people, and showing itself hospitable to the creeping advance of Sharia jihad into the nation’s vitals.
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