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Monday, September 27, 2010

J Street blames the IRS

Ben Smith gets to the bottom of the mystery of who made J Street's Form 990 public by putting the names of the donors online.
The apparent cover-up is perhaps worse than the crime, but one outstanding question was where the Washington Times got J Street's donor list. J Street officials last week appeared to blame the IRS for spilling the beans.

But a politically conservative Jewish blogger, Jeff Dunetz, e-mailed me with the answer yesterday, which he also posted on his blog: He turned them up on a search for public form 990s on the Foundation Center's database of the forms, which are the tax returns non-profit groups are required to make public. They are not, however, required to include publicly the pages listing their donors.

It's unclear whose mistake resulted in releasing the full forms, and a J Street spokeswoman didn't respond to an e-mail asking how the accidental release had come about.

UPDATE: J Street blames the IRS for making their donors public in a statement on its website:
We are also committed to protecting the privacy of our donors, which is guaranteed by law in the case of contributions to our 501(c)(4) and was egregiously violated by the Internal Revenue Service in erroneously and illegally making our donor schedule available to the public.
Why does the IRS have something against them? Are there Right wing or Israeli spies in the IRS? Hmmm.



At 1:42 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

So many lies, so hard to remember them all! As the next generation of jstreeters will be muslims, they will be more practised at taqqiya!

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Lori Lowenthal Marcus said...

In other words, J Street is pissed off at the IRS (so is Z STREET, for that matter - see the lawsuit Z STREET v. IRS at www.zstreet.org) because it revealed them as liars, and they wanted to be able to continue lying. Now that's integrity!


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