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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Iran and Iraq jointly attack Kurds

Iran and Iraq conducted a joint attack on a Kurdish stronghold over the weekend in revenge for a bombing in Iran last week (Hat Tip: Jihad Watch, who has much more on the background).
Iraq and Iran worked together in a weekend assault on Kurdish rebels that killed more than 30 insurgents in Iraqi territory, according to a news report.

An unnamed Iranian government source told an Iranian journalist about the operation during an interview on Arab-language satellite news channel Al-Arabiya.

"The attack was against a group of rebel Kurds who operate in Iran but find refuge in Iraq," journalist Amir Moussavi said.

The assault was in response to a bomb attack that killed at least nine people on Wednesday during a military parade in the northwestern Iranian city of Mahabad.
So what's next? Iran, Iraq and Turkey allied against the Kurds? And then Iran, Iraq and Turkey allied against Israel? What could go wrong?


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