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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Obama OIC envoy greeted with anti-Semitic tirade, media mostly ignore it

Laura Rozen cites a Times of India article on an 'anti-American tirade' directed at Rashad Hussein, President Obama's Indian-born envoy to the Organization of Islamic Countries (a position that never should have been created, but that's a separate issue I've addressed elsewhere).
Akhtar Hasan Rizvi, the Nationalist Congress Party's general secretary and head of the Rizvi group of educational institutions, lashed out at America, calling it the creator of many "problems,'' including the Israeli-Palestine conflict and the Taliban.

Rizvi held America responsible for many woes in the Muslim world. "You supplied arms to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War, then invaded Iraq in the name of searching for weapons of mass destruction. You created the Taliban with the help of Pakistan. You have been backing Israel ever since its creation. First, right the wrongs that you have created if you want to establish peace in the world,'' said Rizvi to applause from the students.
Rozen then updates to say that she received Rizvi's full remarks 'which were quite anti-Semitic' from Hussein. Rozen posted them here, and they make it clear that Rizvi's and the OIC's real issue with the US is its support of Israel and not anything else.
If the President of America has embarked on a path of bringing peace to the world, it is something which everyone will welcome. It can’t be emphasized. But it has to be seen whether one President of a State who is supposed to have the backing of his congress and his senate and the famous pentagon and the Muslims who are very much aggrieved towards the policy makers of America who are the Jews, whether those Jews who are having the power actually in running the country like America will allow the President actually to bring peace with the Muslim countries? This point is extremely important. Though I welcome the move, but I doubt whether he will be successful, because, if you want to treat the symptoms, it’s only a temporary effect. You have to treat the disease if you want to eliminate something. And the disease had started actually way back nearly 45 years back, when America…It’s America actually who has given birth to terrorism. You created Israel by using your force and the back of Jews. It’s not a question of Jews or Muslims let me put it …after all humans are human....

Coming back to this issue that President Obama wants to correct the wrong which has been done in the past. He has to first begin not by visiting countries of the Organization of the Muslim Conference, but the very root, the nucleus is where actually Israel and Palestine is there. If America was not behind Israel there would not have been a war of 1967 where a major part of the Arab world was taken away and even today that aggressive stand of the Israelis not to leave actually the territories which they have captured by force of course nobody..and they are not obeying actually United Nations resolutions at all…neither at that time and what has American done to it? What has it done to enforce? You all enforce the United Nations resolution against Iran which has got all the right actually to make nuclear bombs. Why? You American you make actually nuclear bombs, nuclear weapons, in order to control the whole world! And you don’t want another country actually for the self defense to make nuclear bombs. Why Iran should face sanctions from the United Nations? Why is American not forcing Israel actually to obey all those resolutions? Number of resolutions right from 1967 till date. They are not obeying, what is America doing to that? So therefore, though it is a little unpleasant, embarrassing also, but, this message has to go, that America first should correct that wrong from where the terrorism has started....

Nobody is in favor of terrorism because Muslims have attacked Muslims, so Muslims are not concerned actually with terrorism at all. There is something else inside so let America correct their wrong there first of all by giving the land which is taken by force by the Israel to the Palestinians. Give that if they want to bring peace in the world, otherwise, why Iran? Every Arab world has got a right actually to produce mass of… I mean to produce nuclear weapons for their own defense. They are…they are small nations, there are no power to attack another one. It is for their defense and everybody has got a right to defend themselves.
But the parts of the speech that dealt with Israel are unsurprisingly being ignored.

Why does this group rate a Presidential envoy? Good question.


At 12:15 AM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

The reason there is an Obama/osama envoy to the OIC is that O is signalling that the US is a member of it.

At 1:42 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

America is the universal nation to Islam.

What a little anti-Semitism between friends?

If its not news, no one is the wiser.


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