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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More ECI ads coming

The Emergency Committee for Israel has produced two more ads against signers of the Hamas 54 letter: Glenn Nye (D-Va) and Jim Himes (D-Ct). Here's the ad against Nye.

Let's go the videotape.

Politico's Ben Smith adds:
The ads pit ECI -- chaired by Gary Bauer and Bill Kristol -- against the left-leaning J Street, which circulated the letter, and they attempt to exact a cost for deviating from both congressional parties' traditionally near-total support for Israel's security policies.

"Glenn Nye signed onto a letter accusing Israel of 'de facto collective punishment," said ECI adviser Michael Goldfarb in an email. "This is a de facto accusation of war crimes against one of our closest allies, which is why 88% of the House refused to sign the letter. We plan on making sure that voters know if their representative is signing anti-Israel letters, taking anti-Israel votes, or doing anything else to undermine the US-Israel relationship."

(The letter, in fact, doesn't literally accuse Israel of the act. It says that Israel's security concerns "must be addressed without resulting in the de facto collective punishment of the Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip.")

The ads will, I'm told, in modest but real buys on cable news, primetime, and broadcast in both districts.

Nye's opponent has also attacked him for signing on to the letter.
Nye's opponent is Scott Rigell.

By the way, that sure sounds like an accusation of war crimes to me.


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