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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Israeli hasbara website in Turkish

Here's an Israeli hasbara website in Turkish. Here's a very raw translation of the "about" page:
Hastürk established by Turks living in Israel, an NGO is completely voluntary.

Our objective in relations between Israel and Turkey is to contribute to the conservation and development. Our first study of the truth about Israel and Jews to be introduced to the Turkish public to provide biased, inaccurate or based on ignorance and slander against the accusation is to bring an objective opinion. In fact the Turkish people of Israel will announce Hastürk, and when necessary, will announce İsraellilere realities of Turkey. Intolerance, and hatred in advance hükümlülük bilgisiziğin enemies who are the biggest reason.

In this study Hastürk everyone will respect. Our goal is never to take us towards a person or audience, not just the person or group's biased, not based on fact, the relationship between Israel and Turkey will cause injury and to correct speech and yazılarınıı criticism. Hasturk narrow view, of fanaticism, the sound will not be any prejudice. In this context, personal views and thoughts of everyone may be published by the Hastürk.

Factual, constructive, friendly, respectful to the communities and individuals will be given to all opinions.

Hastürk of these studies with other groups pursuing similar goals, with embassies and foreign and Israeli press have contact with both Turkish and will be in cooperation. Way to reach our goal with the majority of public officials and especially for their occurrence will develop our relations with the press.

Hastürk come together to make this work consists of volunteer.

All kinds of news media and the Internet world to serve different purposes and ideas put forward can. Israel and the Jews in this country and most people mentioned that I think the championship is not really is not broken. The same reason, Israel is obliged to explain themselves to others who come early. In Hebrew it "hasbara", that being the explanation. Fathom the meaning of the word when it is changing dramatically hasbara for Israel "advocacy for Israel" is the meaning. Despite a need for Israel to sound the same everywhere do not have the opportunity to announce events.

And still continue with the intifada began in the era of Hasbara words are often heard. Hasbara relationship with Israel by realizing that he is always. The world's largest Jewish organizations are helping Israel in this regard from time to time. Israel recently began especially in the period that I feel obliged to carry out unilateral action. Events and the time Israel was loaded unfairly blame lies even if proven wrong impression is not easy to erase.

That is a fact that a state's "explanation" to be doing an accountability and self-description instinct is, and shows that the Israeli government to the whole world to account "do what I did, maybe bug is, but I can explain" what needed to have. Apparently, the Israeli government itself is unfair to feel compelled to make statements in a government position is. Sometimes imposed to fight their way in the world did not recognize the shape and density of any country. The territory of its neighbors fight a religious war, as reflected in the.

Israel's actions against Palestinians who are considered, in the face, especially the Islamic world to the whole world, to their pathetic and fueled anti-Semitism with the purpose of a common channel is the Palestinian propaganda can do. People, referring to anti-Israel propaganda against the state of Israel could do was to tell himself, in other words, "I can explain," he is able.

Israeli public opinion in Turkey is a frequent state. Reason, Turkey's relations with Israel and increasingly dissatisfied with strengthened efforts to create public opinion as a non-identifiable. Turkish interests of those relationships whether they fit can not be considered by the Turkish government would not acknowledge the effort of creating such an opinion, because of domestic politics on the one hand, on the other hand is under the influence of Palestinian-Arab propaganda. Israel at every opportunity to denigrate Turkey closer to the Islamic world than those who do not like the idea then.

In Turkey, like Israel itself, are adequately described work is extremely important. Leave blank to occur in the short term perhaps most damaging to the political relations of Turkey with Israel does, but there are Jews living in the Turkish citizens is very disturbing. Unfortunately, this assumption was not seen in November 2003 and other events. As Jews living in Israel, Turkey is our duty to our Turkish friends at every opportunity and demonstrating the truth must be told.

To achieve this goal with other goals coming from Turkey to Israel and the proliferation of tourism, increasing business volume with Turkey, the Turkish media in shaping the efforts of those who need to increase contact.

Land of Israel as the people of Turkey in this way we contribute to the Turkish Israeli relations would be even more obvious süphesizdir.
If anyone knows Turkish and can contribute a better translation, I will post it and send it on to the place where I got this.


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