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Monday, August 30, 2010

Israel to sell radar system to Turkey for Kurdistan border?

Someone please tell me that the Israeli government is not going to approve this.

Dimona-based Magna BSP has been asked to sell its BiScopic protection system to Turkey for use along that country's border with Kurdistan (Hat Tip: Joshua I).
A government-owned Turkish company has approached an Israeli company that develops radars systems aimed at defending nuclear reactors and border fences, the Yedioth Ahronoth daily reported Wednesday.

The Turkish company has looked into the possibility of purchasing BiScopic Protection system, a high performance stereoscopic vision sensory system for the detection of perimeter intrusion, from Dimona-based Magna BSP Ltd. to boost security along Turkey's border with Kurdistan. Kurdish infiltrations into Turkish territory have increased as of late.

The system, which was was developed by Magna in cooperation with the Nuclear Research Center and the Ministry of Defense, is used by the IDF.

Magna CEO Haim Siboni confirmed that the Turks approached his company. "This just proves that reports of a Turkish boycott (on Israeli goods) don't hold water," he said.

"Israeli security products being sold to the global market are irreplaceable. They may not like us, but they buy from us. As far as the Turks are concerned, we can close the deal tomorrow. But we won't do anything without authorization," Siboni added.
They may want our products, but there are some things in life that are more important than making money. This is one time Israel ought to say no.


At 11:38 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

The Israeli gov should be GIVING them to the Kurds to guard against attacks by Turks!!

If this company is allowed to put money before lives, it will be cataclysmic and a disgusting betrayal of the Kurds!

At 1:16 AM, Blogger Bartender Cabbie said...

I agree with Juniper in the Desert

At 3:30 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carl.
As you know i see only the cooperation of Turkey and Iran,what's preventing them of "Giving" the technology to help protect the Iranian reactors?

At 3:44 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Stupid Jews still don't get it. I guess Turkey's alliance with Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas didn't convince them not to sell advanced Israeli technology to a hostile Ankara.

What could go wrong indeed!

At 7:02 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Maybe that oldest anti-Semitic stereotype about the Jews for once is true: they live only for money.

And this proposed sale to Turkey proves that in the worst possible manner.

What could go wrong indeed


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