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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is money not fungible, Mr. Crowley?

Just how clueless are the Obama White House and State Department? Consider this statement from State Department spokesman PJ Crowley on Tuesday regarding calls to cut off US military assistance to Lebanon in light of last week's cold-blooded murder of an IDF Lieutenant Colonel.
“We understand that this incident has raised very legitimate questions on the Hill and we will continue to engage leaders on both sides of the aisle to help assuage concerns that exist,” said State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley.

However, he defended US military assistance to the Lebanese Armed Forces as something that’s “in our national interest and contributes to stability in the region.”

He added that the US has “no indications” that its training programs were in any way implicated in the incident.

Crowley also pointed to statements by Iran that it would fill whatever funding gap is left by the US with its own money as an example of the need for the US to keep up its contributions.

“The statements by Iran are expressly the reason why we believe continued support to the Lebanese government and the Lebanese military is in our interest,” he said.
Huh? If the US supported Hezbullah, maybe Iran wouldn't support them either, so maybe the US should support Hezbullah according to Crowley's 'logic'?

Does he think that Iran is a bottomless pit of money that can support every anti-American and anti-Israel cause in the world while being subject to economic sanctions that Crowley and his bosses keep telling us are 'choking' Iran because they are so successful?

Is money not fungible Mr. Crowley? If Iran has to spend its money supporting the LAF, maybe they will have less to spend on their nuclear program?


At 10:48 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Obama Administration is confused. What is its policy towards Iran's proxies? Israel's leaders who should be taking proactive measures to defang the threat presented by Hezbollah and Hamas keep their mouths shut and do nothing about it.


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