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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Iran's threat to America

Jennifer Rubin writes that the issue with Iran for Americans shouldn't be Israel's security - it should be the threat Iran poses to the US.
But the emphasis on the existential threat to Israel ignores a more basic issue for Americans to ponder: a nuclear-armed Iran represents a dagger at the heart of America and an existential threat to our status as a superpower and guarantor of the West’s security. As to the former, Iran is pressing ahead with its long-range ballistic missile program. First the Middle East and Eastern Europe, then all of Europe and, within a matter of years, the U.S. will be within range of Iranian missiles. If those are nuclear and not conventional, what then? We’re not talking about whether Iran is going to be “merely” a destabilizing factor in the Middle East or whether it will set off an arms race with its neighbors or imperil Israel’s existence. We’re talking about whether America will then be at risk (and lacking sufficient missile-defense capabilities if we continue to hack away at our defense budget). The argument about whether mutual assured destruction can really work against Islamic fundamentalists who have an apocalyptic vision becomes not about Israel’s ability to deter an attack but about ours. Those who oppose American military action have an obligation to explain why America should place itself in that predicament.

And then there is the broader issue of America’s standing as the sole superpower and the defender of the Free World. Should the “unacceptable” become reality, the notion that America stands between free peoples and despots and provides an umbrella of security for itself and its allies will vanish, just as surely as will the Zionist ideal. Two administrations have declared the policy of the U.S. to be that Iran must not join the nuclear club. Obama himself has set nonproliferation as a top priority. So if Iran pushes forth, despite these commitments and attains what the U.S. has pronounced “unacceptable,” what ally henceforth would rely on us? What use would our security guarantees be? What meaning would any alliance with the U.S. have?
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At 9:03 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

A nuclear Iran would change everything no matter what people think. The Day After will be a completely different world from the one in which we live today.

What could go wrong indeed


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