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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

IDF force draws fire on Lebanese border

Received from the IDF spokesperson's office in the last few minutes. More below.
Here is the first of what i expect will be additional announcements as information is confirmed.

August 3rd

For Immediate Release

IDF Force draws Fire on Lebanese Border

Recently, an IDF force was fired upon from within Lebanon.

The soldiers were on routine activity in Israeli territory, in an area that lies between the "blue line" (the internationally recognized border between Israel and Lebanon) and the security fence, thus within Israeli territory.

War coming?

Israel Radio reports at 4:00 that three Lebanese soldiers and a local correspondent were killed and four people were wounded. The Lebanese are screaming to the UN already and Assad has called Suleiman to identify with them.

The Foreign Ministry said that the IDF's actions on the border were coordinated with UNIFIL, that the Lebanese fire was in violation of Resolution 1701, and Foreign Minister Lieberman has instructed our ambassador to the UN to protest.


At 4:08 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Good dhimmi Netanyahu has instructed Lieberman to file a useless protest with the Jew-hating UN.

And Hezbollah? Its learned already killing an Israeli soldier (if confirmed) carries no real price.

Some way to keep the peace on a volatile border!

What could go wrong indeed


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