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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

IAEA to send inspectors to Syria?

The IAEA is considering taking the unusual step of sending special inspectors to Syria to examine the site of the al-Kibar nuclear reactor destroyed by Israel in 2007.
The Syrians are claiming that it was not a nuclear reactor, but they are refusing to cooperate with the regulators. Glyn Davies said a number of countries on the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency's board of governors support plans to invoke the rarely used sanction.


"We need to keep the focus very much on Iran — but stay tuned on Syria, because Syria I think would love to just stave off any serious action to get to the bottom of what they were doing," Davies told reporters in London.

A recent IAEA report said that uranium particles found at the Dair Alzour desert facility indicate possible covert nuclear activities. The finding supported Western allegations that the bombed target was a nearly completed nuclear reactor which the US alleges was of North Korean design and intended to produce weapons-grade plutonium.


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