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Monday, August 30, 2010

Egypt finds more weapons caches in Sinai

Hot on the heels of Saturday's discovery of 190 anti-aircraft missiles in Sinai, Egyptian forces on Sunday found another 110 anti-aircraft missiles and over 100 kilo of explosives.
Egyptian security forces on Sunday found an additional five missile and TNT caches in Sinai that were planned to be smuggled into Gaza, Palestinian news Agency Ma'an reported.

According to the report Egyptian forces found 110 antiaircraft missiles, over 100kg of explosives material.

The report comes a day after Egyptian authorities intercepted a shipment of at least 190 anti-aircraft missiles in Sinai.

Egyptian police raided several storage areas in the area and discovered the secret cache hidden in a remote region in the center of the peninsula.

In addition to the anti-aircraft missiles, rockets and other ammunition were seized, as well as a large supply of illegal drugs.

Reports also stated that authorities raided several locations in Rafah, where they found more stores of explosives and weapons.
But peace is at hand.

What could go wrong?


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