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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Air Canada to be investigated for security breach

Remember the video I posted last month of two burkha-clad figures boarding an Air Canada flight from Montreal to London without showing their faces? Well, apparently the Canadian government took notice and will now be conducting an investigation.
Canada's Minister of Transportation John Baird has announced that a probe has been ordered, after a video posted on YouTube showed Muslim women boarding an Air Canada airplane without showing their faces.


The user who posted the clip mentioned that a complaint was placed with Air Canada staff, both at the check-in gate as well as with the flight staff, but added that the individuals in question “didn’t get recalled for ID”.

Air Canada’s Media Relations Department said in response to a query by Shalom Life on the video: “Passenger security screening is the responsibility of CATSA, a federal government agency that performs passenger screening at Canadian airports. Airline passengers undergo multiple security checks before arriving at the boarding gate. For our part, a final check is made at the gate prior to boarding in order to confirm passengers getting on the flight. We comply with Transport Canada regulations requiring passengers to present government-issued photo ID before boarding. In addition, we have special procedures in place, and our agents are trained to verify photo ID in a private area away from other passengers, as required for religious or medical reasons.”

Canada’s Transportation Ministry is now saying that it wants to ensure that airline personnel are indeed verifying the identity of all of passengers prior to boarding a flight. In a statement released on Sunday, Minister Baird said: “If the reports are true, the situation is deeply disturbing and poses a serious threat to the security of the air travelling public. If our current security policies in this area are deemed to be lacking, our government will take the necessary steps to protect the safety and security of the travelling public.”
I wonder how many times this has happened in how many other airports around the world. Until - God forbid - the next 9/11, if it gets carried out by someone wearing a burkha....


At 8:02 AM, Blogger tuleesh said...

If on the day after 9-11 anyone had said that radical Muslims would be brazenly asserting themselves in Western culture as they are TODAY, and that they would have useful idiot help, I would have thought they were nuts.

Now, I see it would have been a prophecy fulfilled.

G-d help us all...


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