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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Your tax dollars at work: Former 'Palestinian detainee' on hunger strike for higher salary

A former 'Palestinian detainee' is on a hunger strike for a higher salary. A higher salary for what job, you might ask? A higher salary for the 'job' of being a former 'Palestinian detainee.'
A former Palestinian detainee entered his 28th day on hunger strike Wednesday, in protest over what his family described as an inadequate salary disbursed by the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Detainees.

Jamal Abu Rayyan, from the Halhul village north of Hebron, has not consumed any food for a month and is on the verge of collapse, his wife says, holding the ministry accountable for the man's health.

Amjad Najjar, the director of the Palestinian Prisoners' Society in Hebron, says Abu Rayyan receives a monthly salary of 1,200 shekels (approximately $320) "which barely suffices to keep his family of five alive."

Najjar appealed to the ministry to find a "just solution" for the former prisoner.
And this, of course is your tax dollars at work, because you, dear Western taxpayer, pay all the expenses of the 'Palestinian Authority' through your government's subsidy to it.

I am sure that Mr. Rayyan really is having a hard time making ends meet on a 'salary' of NIS 1,200 per month. Maybe he should get a job that requires some work but pays more instead.


At 1:10 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Palestinian terrorists really cannot survive without a government stipend? It makes one wonder why they are lauded as heroes in Palestinian society.

Faster, faster, faster now!



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