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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Why Israel cannot make peace with the 'Palestinian Authority'

Barry Rubin explains why it's not likely that Israel will make peace with the 'Palestinian Authority' anytime soon.
So what if the PA failed? Would conventional wisdom in Washington switch to saying that Israel had no real alternative for peace and thus US policy should back Israel or would the PA merely find some new gimmick? Even if it succeeded in creating a marvelous stable, prosperous, democratic (does that mean elections that Hamas might win?) entity, would that mean it was ready to make a real and lasting peace with Israel? Not necessarily. Because the issue is not whether there is more money or less corruption but whether there is a Palestinian readiness to end the conflict, teach their people to give up their dream of getting all of Israel, provide security guarantees and be willing to resettle refugees in the state of Palestine.

Why should Israel give up territory and security to the PA merely because it prosecutes corrupt leaders (don’t hold your breath) and is more prosperous? What it needs to know is that the conflict won’t continue, that there won’t be cross-border raids, that Hamas won’t take over and that Palestine won’t invite in Syrian or Iranian military forces, to cite some examples.
And of course, Israel doesn't 'know' any of those things. If anything, it knows just the opposite.

Read the whole thing.


At 3:42 PM, Blogger Hatfield said...

The US attitude toward a "two state solution" is similar to its attitude toward bringing peace to Afghanistan. Neither project is based on fact but on American fantasies assumed as fact. As you noted, the US sees the PA as a partner for peace but doesn't seem to consider that the PA is unpopular, corrupt, and not democratic. Similarly, in Afghanistan, the US sees Karzai and his government as a partner for peace, ignoring the fact that he and his government are also corrupt, unpopular and not democratic.

The US has done this type of thing since Vietnam where we pretended the corrupt South Vietnamese governments represented something other than themselves (not that NV or the VC were good), with the same result. Lots of blood and money spilled with nothing to show for it.

Until Obama, the US seemed content to let the Israelis handle matters on their own and seemed, if I read the US correctly, to recognize the essential insolvable nature of the problem. Unfortunately, Obama seems quite different, perhaps having sat at Rev. Wright's feet way too long.

At 5:07 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

we need a one state solution with equal rights for arabs and jews.

equality, how can this be wrong?

At 6:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


We, or more exactly you and the likes of you, need to take a moment off whatever it is you're smoking and look at cold, hard reality.

I don't believe in superiority, therefore I don't believe in supremacism either. But I do know, for a fact, about difference. I know for a fact that, when you rise above the level of a nation, the difference between human beings turn out to be simply too explosive.

Multiculturalism's cardinal sin is that it refuses to acknowledge that fact.

I don't care what you base your concept of nation upon--ideology like the USA, ethnicity like Japan, or a combination of those like the Jewish nation. The moment you know what your nation is about, the nation must demand conformity. Why, you ask?

Because we have seen--but the Marxist Left refuses to learn--that the scenario of multiple nations living under the same political framework nearly always leads to disaster.

Ask the Serbs and Bosnians. Ask the Hutus and Tutsis of Rwanda. No, just ask living people today in Western Europe, where the lax admission of people who share nothing, absolutely nothing, with the host people has made life a living hell for them. Ask the burghers of Birmingham if waking up to the muezzin's call is to their liking. Ask the townspeople of Malmo if they're OK with their girls getting jihad-raped. Ask the Parisians what they think of the carbeques. Ask the Hindus, victim of a Muslim-executed Holocaust the Leftist establishment won't teach about (because it doesn't serve the Marxist agenda), how's it going with Hindus and Muslims living together. There are so many people who could enlighten you.


At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yet you want us Jews--us, who are engulfed by messages of genocide daily--to make our state a state of all its citizens?! To assume you're ignorant would be the charitable option.

It is the right of every nation, including the Jewish nation, including the French nation, and--yes!--including the Arab nation, to maintain a nation-exclusivist state on the lands to which it is indigenous. That means the Jews have the right to an exclusively Jewish state on the Land of Israel, and the French on France, and the Arabs in the Arabian peninsula. When nations have their exclusive states, within well-defined borders, protected from each other like processes are in a computer's memory space by the operating system, then there's chance for the great suffering and bloodshed to be avoided.

The great suffering and bloodshed which you pipe-dreamers, you Marxist knaves with your "Imagine" and "We Are Citizens Of The World," inevitably bring with your schemes.

I don't care if you think I'm a racist. As far as I'm concerned, multiculturalism is a sinking ship, and I'm not going to waste a single second climbing on it. I believe in the One-State Exclusively Jewish Solution, because that's the best solution for the Jews and even for the Arabs. Because, although it may not be politically correct, it carries with it the promise of averting genocide. A worthy goal, I think.

At 6:34 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Euan, both Arabs and Jews reject binationalism. There is not one instance of such a country working anywhere on earth. It doesn't work in Cyprus, where all attempts to find a workable federal formula have failed.

Why should it be any different in Israel? The Arabs are not interested in living alongside the Jews. They are interested in eliminating them.

A political solution with the Palestinians won't happen in our lifetime.

At 4:45 AM, Blogger Typhoon said...

You wrote and I quote: "including the Arab nation, to maintain a nation-exclusivist state on the lands to which it is indigenous."

I couldn't agree with you more. Therefore, I suggest that the jewish people, which ancestors never set foot in Palestine, leave the land to it's indigenous and go back to Europe where you came from.
You are not engulfed by genocide messages every day, by the contrary, you are practicing genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians every day.
And talking about corrupted governments, have you taken a deep look inside Israel? You have had leaders who have lied, committed adultery, perjured themselves, suborned witnesses, sexually abused women, stole items from the government and engaged in other nefarious activities. have had leaders who have lied, committed adultery, perjured themselves, suborned witnesses, sexually abused women, stole items from the government and engaged in other nefarious activities.
Israel has long proved to be a scandal-rich nation.


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