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Sunday, July 18, 2010

What could be worse?

What could be worse than Bill Clinton 'mediating' a terrorists for Gilad trade between Israel and Hamas? Bill Clinton doing it together with Jimmy Carter.
An Egyptian newspaper report Saturday claims that Former US presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter may visit the Gaza Strip to broker a deal for the release of captured IDF soldier Gilad Schalit and to discuss the blockade on the Strip.

According to the report in Al Mesryoon, Washington, Cairo and Hamas are in talks to facilitate the visit. Such a visit, the paper noted, would signify greater openness by the Obama Administration towards Hamas, as previous contacts have been held unofficially and at a much lower level.

The report was not confirmed by any official Egyptian sources and could not be independently verified by The Jerusalem Post.
Just what we need: More openness from the Obama administration toward Hamas. What could go wrong?


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