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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Poor, starving Gazan 'Palestinians' ride horses

Here's another activity that poor starving Gazans are deprived of having: horseback riding.
Riding is an authentically Arab sport, particularly for Palestinians, 19-year-old Gaza resident Taher Khaznadar told Ma’an last week, from Gaza’s sole operating horse club.

The Al-Faisal Riding Club is open to all, young and old, male and female, as long as they can pay the monthly fee of 250 shekels (64 US dollars), limiting the availability of the sport to at least the 30% in Gaza who are not unemployed.
For the record, the unemployment rate in Gaza is 39% and not 70% as that last sentence implied.

But the price is astoundingly low, which has to make you wonder how (or whether) the club makes a profit. Indeed, one has to wonder where they get feed (since there's supposedly no food in Gaza and nothing grows there anymore) and where they get water (since we've been told countless times how polluted the water is).

There was an ad in Friday's JPost for a club located near Shoresh in the Jerusalem hills. They are charging NIS 2,750 for a 2-week day camp (all inclusive price with transport and food), NIS 2,000 for a 5-day, 4-night overnight camp, and NIS 120 per person for a 45-60 minute family ride.

My kids aren't going horseback riding this summer. We can't afford those prices (and we can't and won't take them to Gaza). But the 'poor, starving' Gazans are. Someone is living awfully well in Gaza. I wonder who that might be.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

No one seems to depriving them of the pleasures of life.

Certainly not Israel!

So what then is the world complaining about?

If the Palestinians can ride horses, the last thing on earth they are is deprived.

But don't expect the mass media to tell the truth about the situation in Gaza anytime soon.


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