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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Poor, starving Gazan 'Palestinians' get caught smuggling BMW's

They're poor. They're starving. They're desperate. They're in the middle of a humanitarian crisis. And therefore they're smuggling... BMW's into Gaza? If things are as bad as the media insists on making htem appear to be in Gaza, to whom are they going to sell BMW's?
Egyptian security forces said 60 new and stolen cars en route to Gaza were seized by officers south of the border on Tuesday.

The cars, mostly BMW and Toyotas, were being dismantled and prepared for transport through a specially-made tunnel in Rafah's Al-Duhnieh area, police said.

Security sources said they received information about the smugglers from sources in the city of Al-Arish. When the raid was conducted most of the smugglers escaped, officials said, but the goods planned for export to Gaza were confiscated.

The cars were found near a 3-meter-tall tunnel, which police said was specifically designed for car transport.
Hmmm. Could it be that maybe they're not so poor, desperate or starving?


At 5:45 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

Come on. Aside from the BS we hear from most of the media including Fox news as to starving gazans, auto smuggling is not at all a new phenomenon. The smuggler is not stealing it on an ambition to sell but smuggling it for the guy who is buying it.

As for the smuggler, he is only doing his job, after all; - )

We all know the longest undisputed hatred in history falls on the shoulders of non-Jews. Why would we expect any more than dishonesty from the media (because of the the longest hatred in history) than past or present heads of state have already implied?


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