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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

'Palestinians' silencing attempted rape of American 'peace activist'

Haaretz reports on attempts by the 'Palestinians' to cover up the attempted rape of an American 'peace activist' by a popular 'Palestinian' anti-fence protester.
The incident allegedly took place last April, as Aladdin, who had served a term in the Israeli jail in the past, arrived one evening at the guest house in which many of the foreign peace activists were staying. The European and American female activists reportedly agreed to let Aladdin stay with them after he had told them he feared the Israel Defense Forces were on his tail, adding that he had been severely beaten at an IDF checkpoint only a week before.

During his stay Aladdin allegedly attempted to rape a Muslim-American woman, nicknamed "Fegin" by fellow activists. The woman escaped, later accusing the popular protest man of the attempt. One villager who had encountered the American following the incident said she had been in a state of shock.

Aladdin then refused to apologize for the incident, when news of it reached the village's popular committee, the poplar protests' governing body, allegedly saying that the incident had been marginal and normal. The American activist then asked the committee to notify authorities of the attempted rape, a request which resulted in the man being arrested by security forces in Bethlehem. After agreeing to apologize for the incident, Aladdin was released from custody by the PA police.

The U.S. citizen was then convinced to retract her complaint, as to avoid tainting the image of the popular protest, which had attracted praise from around the world in recent months.
This is apparently not the only sexual assault of a 'peace activist' that the 'Palestinians' have attempted to sweep under the rug. And in a culture where women are routinely whipped and jailed for being rape victims, you can guess who is being blamed.
Foreign female peace activists regularly participate in protests in the villages of Bil'in, Na'alin, and others, where the activists stay in separate houses. Some villagers do not agree with these housing arrangements, claiming that the villages' youth, who frequently visit the activists, are corrupted by the young women.

One villager said the female activists bring a different "culture with them, western, too open. The young people, especially from the villages, aren’t used to stay near other girls, they do not know their culture, certainly when it’s a young woman staying with other women in a strange house. They misinterpret it."
Yes, of course. It's the women's fault. Always the women's fault.

It also seems that there's a much more famous 'peace activist' who was treated as an outsider and accused of exciting 'Palestinian' libidos the day before her death. Her name was Rachel Corrie (Hat Tip: Lenny B).
She was propelled, in part, by frustration. During the past few days she and the nine other ISM activists had become preoccupied with an anonymous letter circulating through Rafah that cast suspicion on the human shields. "Who are they? Why are they here? Who asked them to come here?" it asked. The letter referred to Corrie and the other expatriate women in Rafah as "nasty foreign bitches" whom "our Palestinian young men are following around." It was a sobering reminder that outsiders -- even international do-gooders -- were untrustworthy in the eyes of some Palestinians.

That morning, the ISM team tried to devise a strategy to counteract the letter's effects. "We all had a feeling that our role was too passive. We talked about how to engage the Israeli military," Richard "Fuzz" Purssell told me by phone from Great Britain. "We had teams working in the West Bank, going up to checkpoints, presenting a human face to soldiers. But in Rafah we'd only seen the Israelis at a distance." And as is so often the case in the Middle East, lack of any humanizing interaction meant that the idf and the ISM knew each other only by their worst acts. Few activists had spent much time in Israel or spoken to soldiers except in moments of conflict; the soldiers experienced the peace activists only as nuisances who were getting in their way in highly volatile situations. That morning, team members made a number of proposals that seemed designed only to aggravate the problem. Purssell, for instance, suggested marching on a checkpoint that had been the site of several suicide attacks. "The idea was to more directly challenge the Israeli military dominance using our international status," Purssell told me.
Could Rachel Corrie have come recklessly close to a bulldozer - leading to her own death - in a bid to show the 'Palestinians' that she was one of them?


At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, Carl, but the ending of this blog post fell flat.

At 2:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again the evil Jews using their satanic porcine mind control sent evil lustful images into the mind of the poor, saintly man. It' the Jews fault that she was raped. If only they would leave. The trees would grow. The birds would sing.

/hash is a good thing to some

At 2:41 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

If you sup with the devil, expect to be poisoned. Serves her right!

At 2:57 PM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

Shy Guy,

I had to think for a few seconds before I got that. Heh.

At 5:03 PM, Blogger Moriah said...

Hmm, I suddenly got a hankerin' for pancakes,,,;-)

At 6:08 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

You know, Western and Israel women don't really understand Arab culture. So its all their fault when things happen to them that would never occur to them in the West.

And they are surprised when Palestinians act like pigs.

Honey, yeah sure - they want to make you feel better for "peace now."


At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

am i supposed to feel compassion for that stupid girl?

i feel like mel gibson right now...but i cant repeat what he said to his gf

it is her own damn fault

and this is what those idiots are fighting for...a society that allows rapists to walk free

eff her


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