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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

'Palestinians' file suit over postponed local elections

'Palestinian' activists have filed suit with the 'Palestinian Supreme Court' to force the 'caretaker' Fayyad government to hold the local elections that were 'postponed' in June (link is English translation of Arabic original). But this appeal is also being prosecuted in the usual 'Palestinian' style.
The lawsuit has already been provided a series of mass movements culminated in a mass rally Monday at the government headquarters in Ramallah, and included hundreds of protesters against the decision to postpone municipal elections, without specifying a new date for it.

The participants in the demonstration ballot booths, black, where opposition forces announced that the events will culminate next Saturday July 17th - a date that was scheduled for elections - where he was a black day in the history of the Palestinian democracy.

And attacked the National Committee for the control of elections during the demonstration, justification for the government to postpone the elections, stressing that it was to be a step on the path of reconciliation and not to hang them.

The committee said that if the government is waiting for the completion of the reconciliation plan launched for the construction of state institutions, and disrupted all sincere efforts to build its institutions until the completion of unity between the West Bank and Gaza.

Faster, faster. Heh.


At 6:05 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Fatah is not going to look kindly on what is a Hamas front.

Faster, faster, faster heh


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