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Monday, July 05, 2010

Oh my! Jordanian graduation gowns made in Israel

How's this for a scandal: It was discovered last week that the graduation gowns for Jordan's Hashemite University were made in the evil Zionist entity. That would be Israel, of course.

A group of activists staged a sit-in Sunday at the southern gate of The Hashemite University in Zarqa, Jordan to protest the opening ceremony of graduation week after graduates of the 18,000 student institution found a ‘Made in Israel’ sticker on each graduation gown package.

Protesting students called on their colleagues to boycott the ceremonies, wear sashes reading “Not Made in Israel” and, in some cases, were seen burning their graduation gowns and an Israeli flag. Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and student union took part in the protest.

Activists claim campus police assaulted students distributing fliers about the protest.


A number of students at the university protested and the issue made national news over the weekend, with hundreds of posts on blogs and social media sites expressing outrage over the issue.

“They will not use those gowns that are made in Israel and students are talking about burning their gowns on their graduation day,” Jordanian Osama Al Romoh, an award winning Jordanian blogger who was the first to comment on ‘Gowngate’, told The Media Line. “We cannot sell products made in Israel to students. They are still young and this for me is to push normalization on the students. You cannot do that.”
The university's President told the students to grow up claimed that the gowns did not come from Israel; only the plastic bags in which they came were made in Israel.
Meanwhile, the President of the University Dr. Suleiman Arabiyat downplayed the issue by explaining to the students that the exporting company in El Hassan Industrial City in Irbid, which manufactured the graduation robes, "probably forgot to remove the label before exporting the products to Israel from its factories in the Industrial City."

Arabiyat told 'Ammon News' that 'Tayaseer Clothing Co.', a Jordanian company manufacturing Jordanian products, was contracted by the university to manufacture the robes on February 19th of this year and the products were delivered on March 25th.

Arabiyat added that the university administration is checking the graduation gowns' inventory to verify whether a 'Made in Israel' label is actually attached to the robes.

The university president noted that he called El Hassan Industrial City to look into the issue.

On his part, Ismail Duweikat, Director General of Irbid Industrial Chamber, said that Tayaseer Clothing Co. is a Jordanian company and that the graduation caps and gowns "cannot be Israeli products considering the price," explaining that the price of each gown costs JD 5.39, whereas they would cost an average of $50 if they were Israeli-made.

Duweikat added that a mistake could have occurred during packaging, and that the plastic bag covers may be Israeli-made, "but this does not indicate that the product is made in Israel.

The Anti-Normalization Committee is following-up on the student claims. The results of the committee inquiry will be published on 'Ammon News' once concluded.
And this is an Arab country with which we have a 'peace treaty.' Well, that ought to encourage us to go enter into more 'peace treaties' with the Arabs.


At 12:58 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Israel made peace with the late King Hussein, not with the Jordanian people. And Israel seems set to repeat the mistake with the Palestinians.

What could go wrong indeed

At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conventional wisdom's track record is getting worse. From the same department that gave you the axiom that Sunni Hamas and Shia Hezbollah would never cooperate (forgetting that, though Sunni and Shia are at each other's throats day-to-day, they're united at the non-Muslims' throats), comes the assertion that the people are moderate and peace-loving while the leaders are war-mongering extremists. That's an inversion of reality. The leaders will often go the path of moderation, to keep their seats, while the people are much less inhibited. The people in Egypt and Transjordan would love to tear the peace treaty with Israel to shreds, and then go on a war to do the same to Israel and her Jews, but Mubarak and Abdallah stay their hands, because they love the American bribe, oops, I meant foreign aid, flowing to their pockets. Conversely, a growing portion of Jews in Israel are warming up to HaShem's peace plan in Parshat Mas'ei, while the heads of the state are cringing in galut-ish fear of Obama and The Hague.

OT (or maybe not), check out Leo Rennert's piece on American Thinker: What Obama Doesn't Understand About Zionism. That was simply a delight to read--the chick of Neozionism breaking out of the egg into mainstream consciousness. Splendid. The last bit especially, "...the historical reality that Jews, in fact, are the most indigenous people in Palestine," was music to my ears.


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