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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mitchell warns Abu Mazen over direct talks; 'Palestinians': Direct talks = political suicide

An internal 36-page 'Palestinian' memo to 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen warns that going to direct talks with Israel - as demanded by Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama - without the written assurances demanded by the 'Palestinians' and a full 'settlement freeze' including 'east Jerusalem' would be 'political suicide.' On the other hand, the memo notes, that a senior US official - apparently US Middle East envoy George Mitchell - has warned Abu Mazen that if the 'Palestinians' do not come to direct talks 'soon,' there will nothing that President Obama can do to prevent the freeze from being thawed, Jewish homes from being built and illegally built 'Palestinian' homes in 'east Jerusalem' from being destroyed.
A senior U.S. envoy warned the Palestinian president that he must move quickly to direct talks with Israel if he wants President Barack Obama's help in setting up a Palestinian state, according to an internal Palestinian document obtained by The Associated Press on Monday.

The 36-page memo, sent to senior Palestinian officials, advised Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to resist growing U.S. pressure, warning that rescinding his conditions for face-to-face negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be "political suicide."


The Palestinian memo was distributed just before a crucial meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo on Thursday.

The ministers are set to decide whether they favor a move to direct talks or support the Palestinian position that U.S. shuttle diplomacy should be allowed to run its course. Indirect talks, with U.S. envoy George Mitchell meeting separately with Abbas and Netanyahu, began in early May and were to last up to four months, until early September.

However, in recent days, the U.S. has stepped up pressure on Abbas to go to direct talks now.

In a July 17 meeting, Mitchell told Abbas that direct talks must begin soon in order to keep Obama engaged, according to the Palestinian memo, which summarized recent diplomatic efforts and was e-mailed to leaders of Abbas' Fatah movement.

Mitchell told Abbas that in the event of direct talks, the U.S. administration can push forcefully for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state, according to the document. If Abbas refuses to negotiate, Obama may not be able to be of much help, get the settlement curb extended or prevent the demolition of Arab homes in east Jerusalem, the document said.

The envoy told Abbas he should seize the fleeting opportunity and not waste time, the memo said. He cautioned Abbas not to count on Netanyahu being replaced by another Israeli leader anytime soon, the document said.


The memo ends with recommendations to Abbas.

"There should be steadfastness in the Palestinian position regarding direct talks," the document says. "Going to direct talks while the Israeli government refuses to stop settlement activities and refuses to continue talks where they left off in December 2008 would be like political suicide."
What does 'political suicide' mean in this context? That Abu Bluff might have to hold elections 20 months after his term expired?

There's another version of this story here.

The 'Palestinian' Ma'an news service is reporting that Abu Bluff plans to ask the Arab League for an extension of the four-month window that was given for 'proximity talks.'
Executive Committee member Hannah Amireh told Ma'an radio that Abbas would ask for talks to continue until 8 September, one month over the 4-month deadline sanctioned by the Arab League.

Abbas will also discuss the possibility of re-entering into direct negotiations with Israel, Amireh said.

The official said Abbas was facing "political and economic" pressure to enter into direct talks. The president, he said, told Executive Committee members that Israel refuses to declare its position on talks before returning to negotiations.

The committee is set to evaluate the US-brokered talks and discuss the agenda for the remaining two months.
And the 'Palestinians' think they have an ace in their pocket.
He added that if the PA did not achieve results from talks with Israel, it would turn to the UN Security Council to call for the establishment of a Palestinian state and approach the International Court of Justice for rulings on Palestinian land occupied by Israel.

All we have to do is make sure that any resolution comes to the Security Council before November 8. The Democratic party isn't going to commit political suicide for the 'Palestinians.'


At 9:04 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. If they don't want to talk to Israel, Netanyahu can say that Israel wanted peace but the other side couldn't summon the will to attain it. And in the end, the Palestinians will end up being the losers due to their own intransigence. In a rational world, they should listen to George Mitchell. But they aren't. That's really good news!



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