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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lebanese 'postpone' vote on 'Palestinian' rights

While the world berates Israel for the plight of the 'Palestinians,' it pays no heed to the hundreds of thousands of 'Palestinians' living as refugees hostages in 'refugee camps' in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and other places throughout the Arab world. These hostages - whose Arab brethren seek to prevent them from getting on with their lives or moving elsewhere so that instead they will maintain the false hope of returning to homes abandoned by their grandparents and great grandparents more than sixty years ago - are the true tragedy of the 'Palestinians.' Most of these people would be happy for the opportunity to own home and have a job that provides a normal living, whether where they are currently living or in other countries. Most 'Palestinian refugees' in the Arab world do not have the financial wherewithal to pick up and move. So they remain in captivity in their Arab host countries, living the false dream that the keys that they hold will open up their great grandparents' non-existent homes.

In Lebanon, Druze leader Walid Jumblatt has introduced legislation to grant the 'Palestinians' some limited form of civil rights - after 62 years. It's not clear to me what motivates Jumblatt - I don't read enough Lebanese blogs and media to be sure. But what is clear - and stunning - from this 'Palestinian' blog is the extent to which the feeling that 'it's not time yet' to give the 'Palestinians' rights is across the board, and how the great motivating fear is to make sure that the hundreds of thousands of 'Palestinians' who live in Lebanon are never naturalized there. As you read this, please keep in mind that for the last 62 years, the 'Palestinians' have had no right to own land in Lebanon or work in most professions. As a result, many of them are dirt poor and trapped in a situation from which they cannot escape.
The bill was presented by progressive MP Walid Jumblatt, the Druze leader of the Democratic Gathering bloc.

An-Nahar reported Jumblatt is aware of the possibility of postponing debate on the proposals, and he 'does not mind'," Ma'an said.

According to the report, Hariri would make the request of Berri so the proposal can be further discussed among the various blocs.

MPs from the March 14 bloc, spearheaded by the Christian Phalangist and Maronite parties, have introduced their own, weaker refugee rights bill. This bill grants refugees humanitarian and social rights but not civil rights.

Lebanon's the Daily Star reported Tuesday that their law would "provide refugees with a work and residency permit exempted from fees allowing refugees the right to employment as well as the right to a passport in line with Lebanese laws," though many professions would remain off limits to Palestinians. The Star further said parties are closer to reaching a consensus on the March 14 bill.

Jumblatt said Wednesday that he would withdraw his bill if a separate motion granting refugees the right to own property is passed, according to the report.
Read the whole thing. Why doesn't the world care? It should be obvious: There's no way to blame this on the Jews.


At 4:18 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Arab refusal to grant basic human rights to the Palestinian Arabs has never come under criticism from the West. Palestinians in Israel enjoy those rights on a scale undreamed of in the Arab World yet Israel is belittled for not granting them more rights. This from the same people who insist on depriving fellow Arabs of theirs for patently cynical and self-serving reasons.


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