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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Israeli security's handguns stolen on American

If you fly in most countries in the world today other than Israel (where they won't hesitate to cut your bags open if they need to), you are instructed to leave your bags unlocked. That way, the local security forces can go through your bags without destroying them. When I return to Israel, I frequently find love notes from TSA in my suitcases telling me that they decided to check out what souvenirs I am bringing back to Israel.

There was a need for extra security for Prime Minister Netanyahu in Washington on Tuesday. So a security detail was flown down from New York on American Airlines (it may have been American Eagle from what I know of how they work). The security detail had four Glock 9mm handguns in a suitcase that was sealed with a TSA inspection sticker. I don't know what the sticker said, but it may have advertised that there were weapons inside. Along the way, the bag with the weapons ended up in Los Angeles, and the weapons are gone.
The lost suitcase -- with weapons inside -- was eventually discovered in Los Angeles. Four Glock 9 mm handguns that were in the bag are now missing and police officials say they believe they were stolen.

The bag was supposed to have been on the flight from JFK to Washington DC where additional Israeli security officers were being assigned to help with the Israeli leader's visit with President Obama at the White House.

Port Authority police at JFK are now investigating whether the guns were stolen in New York or after the errant bag arrived in Los Angeles, a PA spokesman said.

Officials said security protocols require travelers with handguns to pack the weapons and send them via checked luggage.

One source said the bag was inspected by Transportation Security Administration screeners who put a seal over the bag at Kennedy Airport, clearing the weapons for shipment to Washington.

A spokesman for the Israeli Consulate referred all calls about the lost bag and the missing handguns to American Airlines.
I guess someone at TSA wanted a souvenir.

What could go wrong?


At 6:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much would you like to bet that the TSA screener(s) are adherents of a certain religion of peace?


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