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Thursday, July 15, 2010

In Turkey, they start coming after the Sunday people

The facade of a 1700-year old Syriac church in Turkey has been defaced with Islamist graffiti (Hat Tip: Joshua I).
Police have started an investigation after a suspected group of people defaced the façade of the 1,700-year-old Mor Jacob Syriac Orthodox Church in Nusaybin, in the southeastern province of Mardin, with pro-Islamic slogans.

The offenders allegedly defaced the stone walls of the church on Monday with various slogans, such as “Clear off, bastards,” “Clear off, Zionist dogs,” “Heretics, lay off,” and “Zionist powers, clear off,” in Turkish and, “Allah u Muhammed,” and “Prophet Muhammad, fight the infidels and hypocrites,” in Arabic.
First they come for the Saturday people and then they come for the Sunday people. But you Europeans and Americans keep going on pretending that it's only about Israel. Okay?


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