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Saturday, July 31, 2010

How the UN corrupts

Shavua tov, a good week to everyone.

Two years ago, the founding conference of something called the Global Support Network was held at the United Nations. It was shortly after Ban Ki-Moon had become Secretary General, and Ban wanted to do something for the good of the world. As the name implies, the group that met at the United Nations was meant to bring together victims of terror in a massive, worldwide support group (large pdf link). Not any more.

Two years later, that meeting at the UN has evolved into a slick website, which mentions the meeting at the UN but does not make an explicit connection. Clearly, there is a lot of funding behind it.

The good news is that the connection of Islamists to terror is acknowledged. The bad news is that many of the targets of that terror - Jews and Christians - are unnamed. If you flip through the website, you will find that with the exception of one 9/11 family member, nearly the entire site refers to victims in Arab and Muslim countries: Jordan, Pakistan and Indonesia. Four meetings were held between November 2009 and March 2010 in Amman, Islamabad, Jakarta and Lahore. I have it on good source that not a single Israeli victim or family member was invited to any of them. Not even to Amman. Yet, on a per capita basis, we probably have more terror victims here than anywhere in the World. Isn't it a little strange that Israelis and Jews (Mumbai? Buenos Aires?) are not included?

The group has made a documentary film (in the US, Indonesia and Jordan). Here's the preview.

Let's go to the videotape.

Killing In the Name - Trailer from Carie Lemack - Global Survivors on Vimeo.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy to see a terror victims support group formed, and I'm even happier that they've acknowledged the connection between Islam and terror. But why are Israelis and Jews excluded?


At 6:27 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

We all know why.

Yet the Stupid Jews continue to give the UN credibility it doesn't deserve.

What could go wrong indeed


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