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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Goldstone's favorite court system won't have mercy after Saturday

If you're a 'Palestinian' in Gaza and you're 'collaborating' with Israeli intelligence, you have until Saturday to turn yourself in. After that, Richard Goldstone's favorite court system will have no mercy on you.
Gaza Interior Minister Fathi Hammad warned collaborators Tuesday they have four days left to hand themselves in.

The Gaza government announced a two-month amnesty in May for Palestinian agents in Gaza working with Israeli intelligence. The government said collaborators who handed themselves in would face no penalty, and would be guaranteed privacy and secrecy.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of a new prison, Hammad said the government “won’t have mercy” on every collaborator detained after the amnesty period.

The new prison, which has a capacity of 500, is a replacement for those destroyed by Israeli attacks.

Nasser Suleiman, director of the new prison, said that the interior ministry issued strict instructions to stop torture inside prisons, adding that the new prison was built under the supervision of the Red Cross.
You mean the Red Cross actually exists in Gaza? How come they haven't gone to see Gilad Shalit for the last four years?

There's an advertisement from 'Palestinian' television regarding the amnesty period here.

The picture is from an execution that took place in 2006. The guy on the ground was allegedly a 'collaborator.' The white bag standing over him is his mother (who spat on him).


At 4:08 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

I'm surprised no one turned themselves in yet to the tender mercies of Hamas. Gee, I wonder why.



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