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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Germany opens suicide bomber hotline

Germany has opened a hotline for Muslims who feel pressured to become suicide bombers.
A statement from the German Federal Constitution Protection Office said "the primary goal of HATIF is to prevent violence in the name of Islam."

The hotline is called "HATIF," which means "telephone" in Arabic, and is a German acronym for Out of Terrorist and Islamic Fascism, according to a Monday report by DPA.

The service is intended as an outlet for Muslims who feel pressured into espousing extremist ideas, and provides advice and help with gaining qualifications, changing locations, and taking "appropriate measures" against threats.

The German government recently took a stand against Muslim extremism when it banned the Frankfurt-based IHH, the organization which funded the Gaza flotilla that was boarded by Israeli commandos, resulting in the deaths of nine Turkish citizens.
Heinz Fromm, the president of the German intelligence agency, said he sees anti- Semitism in both right-wingers and Muslim extremists in Germany.

Fromm was quoted in Der Spiegel on Sunday as saying the two groups have “a similar picture of the enemy: Israel and the Jews overall.”

He said that while neo-Nazis adhere to a racist anti-Semitism, Muslim extremists “are oriented toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” and that both groups have the idea “that Israel and the Jews have undue power that needs to be fought.”
Well, at least they don't feel the need to hide behind political correctness and pretend they need a hotline for all religions. Maybe they could teach the last several occupants of the White House a thing or two.


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