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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Castro warns of nuclear war in the Middle East

Is there anyone who is not interested in the Middle East these days?
Fidel Castro warned of the threat of global nuclear war involving the US, Israel, and Iran Friday, in his fifth public appearance this week following a four-year hiatus from political life.

Castro has so far stayed clear of discussing Cuban national issues, focusing instead on his apocalyptic theory that war is imminent pitting the United States and Israel against Iran.

"When something like this (nuclear war) begins, all the responses are pre-programed," Castro warned. "It is only a question of seconds."

"The United States finds itself now in an unsolvable dilemma (in the Middle East)," Castro told 115 ambassadors, according to Reuters. "It cannot get out, nor can it stay."
He may be right about the war, but it's not necessarily going to be apocalyptic. And the US will be able to get out of the Middle East as soon as (a) it backs Israel to the hilt; (b) it decides to fight to win wherever it is and wins; and (c) it stops placing deadlines on its departure date, which only encourages the terrorists.


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