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Monday, July 05, 2010

As Israel goes, so goes Europe

Here's an article by Andreas Unterberger is a conservative Austrian journalist, and up until last fall was the editor-in-chief of Wiener Zeitung. The article has been translated from German.

The author argues that Israel's survival is of vital importance to all European nations.
Andreas Unterberger: Israel Is Europe

Anyone who in recent years has formulated even one positive sentence in reference to Israel usually encounters blank incomprehension. Not just on the left and right, but in the political middle. Even the leftish Viennese culture community does not speak up for Israel at all.

At the very least you hear over and over: criticism of Israel must surely be allowed. Yes, of course; all criticism must be allowed, and is good. What is currently pelting down on Israel began, perhaps, with legitimate criticism, but it has expanded to a threat which, in the end, could not only see Israel destroyed, but also fundamentally threatens the West. The West, first of all, means us Europeans, even though we sometimes seem to forget that, in the absence of any European foreign policy, security policy, or defense policy. The role of the EU in the Near East — the angriest hot spot in the world — is hardly worth a footnote.

Europe’s current policy in the Near East is limited to appeasement. The dirty work — specifically, military action when necessary — has for a long time been left to the much-maligned Americans. Against this background, the “Obama mania” is even less comprehensible. The American president massively raised the number of troops in Afghanistan and raised the USA’s defense budget again. Obama knows that with an appeasement policy as the European pacifists pursue it, you go under. No matter how hopeless the Afghan involvement in its present form may be.

By contrast, in European rhetoric, the Islamists of Hamas are called “resistance fighters” instead of what they are, namely terrorists. The fact that our security is threatened by Islamists of the same stripe as Hamas is forgotten. Anyone who asks why the survival of Israel is in the interests of Europe and why Israel must act harshly should ask what the alternative is.
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I often wonder what percentage of non-Muslim Europeans recognize the reality that Unterberger describes. I fear that the number is much lower than it ought to be, the recent Dutch election notwithstanding.


At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel and Europe are canaries in each other's coal mines.

Israel had given warning to Europe as to what kind of people the Muslims are. Europe, of course, chose to keep seeing this as a regional dispute having nothing to do with them. But now they're having intifadas in well-nigh all their capitals.

Europe gives Israel warning as to the wages of multiculturalism: The subjugation of the trusting, naive host by the conniving, merciless guest. Any nation that would rather die than be tarred with the "racist" brush is doomed to that fate. Europe shows us that those who refuse to be "racist" (actually, in un-Marxified reality: believing that one's nation is worth preserving) will be crushed underfoot by the onslaught of the transnationalist imperialists. Which are: the Leftist/Islamist Unholy Alliance.

(One may ask where the USA falls here. IMHO, the Americans are in no immediate danger of subjugation to Islam by demographic jihad, but there the specter of Marxist tyranny looms large. The USA gives warning, to any country not yet fully under the grip of the revived Hammer and Sickle, that a nation-state gives Marxists even an inch at its mortal peril. The USA's clarion call to all lovers of liberty is: Get all the Marxists out of, and never let them inside again, your institutes of education and organs of information.)

At 8:06 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Europe is already below minimum population replacement levels. Most of the Continent is dying and it has had to import large numbers of workers from the Third - read Muslim - World just to stay afloat. In another half century there won't be many native Europeans left. One wonders if they truly recognize the true danger facing them.

At 5:48 AM, Blogger John said...

it's not fair, there's a half a century of military intervention from the US and UK in the middle east and we aren't even allowed to speak up about our own culture in your lands. This sort of military intervention has been the source of more deaths than all terrorist attacks combined since.
Leave us alone, get out of the middle east completely and stop supporting Israel.
I don't care whether Israel or Palestine began the conflict, the fact is those generations are dead and no justice can be extracted from the perpetrators at the source of the turmoil here. All we can do is punish the modern generations for the injustices they cause, and the fact is the Israeli side perpetrates far more deaths than the Palestinian side, and both are interested in occupying territory although both officially now claim they want a 2 state solution. Neither side is better morally and you should not support either, because I don't want you involved militarily in killing muslims in the middle east.

Pull out of the middle east unequivocally and stop militarily supporting any regimes there, and then I will pack my bags and leave Sweden (even though I was born here and would not think of committing any crimes).

You might think our protests are offensive, but sometimes you have to offend, protesting does not work otherwise.

Your hypocrisy causes death and we aren't even allowed to promote our own culture, even if we protest in a legal manner as opposed to armed invasion, to try and counter the killing of our brothers and culture. You don't need our land, you might need our oil but there are comparatively little other natural resources in our lands to use for trade and ultimately to support starting up societies.
Please leave us alone, and then we'll leave, I'll buy tickets for all my family members, I promise.
Please, I am at your mercy, you win, I beg you, leave the muslim nations alone, completely.


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