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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Why are 'Palestinians' more important than Iraqis?

IraqPundit asks a question to which anyone who has read this blog for any length of time ought to know the answer. I'm posting it mostly because I find it curious to see the question asked on an Arab blog.
This news was greeted with anger and several demonstrations and protests against in several Middle East capital cities. The TV stations have non-stop coverage of this story. Who can blame them? Nobody deserves to be killed. But I do understand that the activists had to know there would be trouble when they heard the Israeli warnings. And the Israeli soldiers know they face death every day when they put on their uniforms. I repeat, nobody deserves to be killed. But why is it that so often people are more horrified by the deaths of Palestinians than others?

This brings me to ask again where are the protests when Iraqis are killed while buying vegetables at the market, offering condolences at funerals, going to school, or engaging in other ordinary civilian activities. The message is when Palestinians or their supporters die, it's a tragedy. When Iraqis die, it's just another news story. Why?

I have to ask, is it the killer not the victim? Are Israelis more hateable than, say, Saudis? Today Iraq announced the capture of al-Qaeda's defence minister Ali Gahtani, a Saudi national who had planned bomb attacks around Iraq. Or is it the victim not the killer? Are Palestinians more deserving of sympathy than Iraqis? After all, the Palestinians are often depicted as noble heroes in the Middle East while Iraqis are perceived as ungrateful types who turned their back on the great Arab nationalist Saddam Hussein. In other words, Iraqis deserve to die.
It's the Jews. No one cares when Muslims are killed by other Muslims. Millions of Muslims have been killed by other Muslims over the last few years (think Darfur, Somalia, Algeria and yes, Iraq). But if even one Muslim is killed by a Jew, that makes the headlines.

It's not that Iraqi blood is any less red than 'Palestinian' blood. It's that no one wants to see Jews winning a war.


At 10:34 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

Why are Palestinians more important than the Kurds who truly are deserving of a state? The world has abandoned them to take up the flag for the Palestinians as to vent their innate Antisemitism.

Anyway, Palestinian statehood has been an obsession of more then one oval office, not to mention European leaders. Calling for Palestinian statehood while formulating a quartet made up of 3 staunch anti-Israel entities, post 9-11 and the bloodiest intifada ever proves innate antisemitism rears it's ugly head in all forms even from 'friends.'

The idea was to deligitimize the evil Jews while legitimizing those who wish them dead. Reward for terror post 9-11 was at a fever pitch no matter if you choose to see it or not.

Slowly and steadily the march to make Israel pariahs has just about succeeded. Wonder why not one U.S president (friend and foe alike) fail to call Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel? Wonder why the strongest nation in the world declined to send a representative to the anniversary of the reunification of Jeruslem?

How is it possible to break a campaign promise to sign the embassy act while at the same time re-signing the lease for the U.S office of the PLO?

Does this mean the most evil terrorist means more then the most gentle Jew?

My good friend Isi Leibler reminds us all of the words of the Balaam in the Torah, that indeed we are "the people who dwelleth alone."

We are nothing more then evil Jews/Christ killers (portrayed by Mel Gibson)who are nothing more then political fodder to both sides of the political spectrum.

Once you extract yourself from from a kind of self imposed pervasive blindness caused by centering yourself within the political arena, 'you see'

Painful as it is, you see.

At 10:47 PM, Blogger Maggie Sager said...

it has nothing to do with anti-semitism. put away your little trump card, it's not going to work. furthermore, stop deflecting by comparison. speaking out against a specific injustice doesn't negate the importance or gravity of other injustice in the world. the issue with israel is this: systematic colonial expansion and institutionalized human rights violations, but what's most horrific is the culture of impunity surrounding the government's actions. the united states does everything in its power to shield israel from criticism, crimes continue to go unpunished, and at the same time the hasbara machine tries to negate the very existence of the issue. it's infuriating.

At 11:19 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

In a word, anti-Semitism. No one wants to admit it in polite company but that's really the reason the UN spends most of its time condemning Israel.

Its no mystery when you stop to think about it.

At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maggie: "the issue with israel is this: systematic colonial expansion"

Yes, the systematic colonial expansion of the Arab settlers in Jewish land is indeed Israel's greatest issue, and it'll have to be dealt with by the indigenous population of the Land of Israel, the Jews.

(I know exactly what she wanted to say. One of the martial arts, tai chi, involves turning the force of your enemy against him.)

In an article from November 2006, Palestine as a Foil for People's Unconnected Dreams (do a search, I'm not linking to those Marxist/Muslim sites where it appears), the pathetic Phakestinian writer Ramzy Baroud laments how the "Free Palestine" movement has moved away from being actually about Palestine. Poor Ramzy isn't able to grasp that it hasn't moved away--it always was about Leftist and anti-Israel causes, and nothing else.

At 1:56 AM, Blogger muman613 said...

Maggie, not antisemitic are you? What a bunch of BS you spout "systematic colonial expansion" & "institutionalized human rights violations" are propaganda you have been fed by the terrorists.

You know that there is a building freeze imposed by the Israeli government now... This means no Jewish growth while simultaneously allowing the arabs to build unfettered {is this not antisemitic?}.... You realize that arabs are in the democratically elected government of Israel, no? There is no human rights violations going on by the Israeli government. The only human rights which are violated are the rights of Jews to live in their land. Once the arabs are removed from the land, and sent back to their countries of origin, then there will be peace once more... Do you know what a libtard is maggie?

At 3:59 AM, Blogger M Brueschke said...

The "activists" and left in the US and Europe don't care about what Iraqis say when it's something like this, they just label them as "CIA" or "plants".

They supported Iraq as a victim when Saddam was raping the country and claiming the sanctions were killing millions of Iraqis. When the liberation came they didn't care about Iraq or Iraqis except to beat up on the Bush administration.


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