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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time for American Jewish organizations to take a stand

Following anti-Israel Jew Marcy Winograd's winning 41% of the vote in California's 36th district House primary, against incumbent Jane Harmon, Jennifer Rubin questions whether it's time for American Jewish organizations to take a stand in favor of the party that overwhelmingly supports Israel.
I can attest to the schizophrenia this causes among Jewish leaders. Publicly and in the presence of Obama or other members of his administration, they are restrained, polite, even enthusiastic about the president’s actions. In private they grouse and fret — why did he carve out Russia from sanctions? How in the world could he support an international inquest of Israel? Perhaps they think they are doing good, working “behind the scenes,” they say, to persuade and cajole the administration. But look at the results. Obama’s behavior toward Israel is getting worse, not better, even as he tries to “charm” the Jewish community. If the result of “working behind the scenes” is a Swiss-cheese sanctions agreement and administration support for an international inquest on the flotilla, it’s time to concede that the strategy is a failure. And those who argue that it could be “worse” delude themselves. It is not their good offices but rather the financial and electoral support that Jews afford Democrats that provides the only restraint on the administration. And that isn’t much considering the Jews’ “sick addiction” to the Democratic Party, which Obama exploits to the hilt.

Mainstream Jewish organizations have to decide: lose their patina of bipartisanship (most are avowedly Democratic in membership) and their insider status (which comes with never rocking the boat all that much) – or risk losing their souls and their mission. They are there to promote a robust Israel-U.S. relationship, not to work against Israel’s interests for the sake of comity. If they can’t fulfill their mission, it is time to either drop the “bigger the bipartisan coalition, the better” mentality or frankly to close up shop. “Never annoyed Barack Obama” is not a legacy to be proud of, nor is easing the consciences of lawmakers who can’t bring themselves to give full-throated support to the Jewish state.
You don't have to go so far as to say that American Jewish organizations will only back Republicans. But those organizations do have to be prepared to back Republicans when those Republicans do a better job than the Democrats of backing Liberal Jewish interests. And they must be prepared to stand up to hostile Democrats - like Obama and the Obama White House - whenever they take actions that hurt Jewish interests (including Israel). The last time I checked those organizations are called Jewish organizations and not Liberal organizations.

For example, are any Jewish organizations (other than the Republican Jewish Coalition, which is clearly in a different category) in Florida backing Marco Rubio? If not, why not? Given Rubio's stands on Israel, how could any Jewish organization not back him?


At 3:25 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Ditto, Israel. Well, never mind. Israel has already taken a stand. By which I mean... URJ members joining the RJC will isolate themselves from URJ. And, if, G-d forbid, we have the wrong Westminster lineage, Israel will have taught their citizens that we aren't even Jewish. Therefore, we will not be part of the in crowd. The Israeli govt may even reject us outright. So, we've joined the community, gone out on the limb, cut off the limb by speaking out against identification with the DNC, and then fall down with no net under us. Really, if the Israel govt Rabbis don't think we're up to snuff, that's ok. But what we need is for them to stop sliming us and to at least be our friend. Because they do currently represent the State of Israel and they seem to have it in for us. Not good.

At 8:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


winograd took 41 percent 2 years ago too...and she didnt let her views on israel be known then

the district harmon serves is one of the most liberal in the state...and winograd pretends to be an uber progressive (she happens to be a multi millionaire, through an inheritance)

she couldnt get any traction during the campaign...then the flotilla happened and she jumped on it.

and every dem in the state smacked her down for her statements, including waxman who is considered a god among liberals.

the 41 percent was a protest vote...that is all

oh, and winograd isnt just an anti israel jew...she is a anti jew jew

how many jews do you know say that some of their best friends are jewish?


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