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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

LA High School kid stands up to Muslim mob to support Israel

This shouldn't need too many comments. It happened outside the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles.

Let's go to the videotape.



At 9:17 AM, Blogger Benyaminov Shamil said...

Hello Carl...please help me to find this young boy. You have connections =)

I just want to express my gratitude to that young Jewish boy or even to donate in anyway possible for his future goals. May Hashem watch over this young boy, may he succeeded one day to lead our country Israel into better future with toughness and righteous mind. If you could share his email address with me, I would be very grateful.

Toda Roba

p.s you never answered my question whats your view of soviet jewry from countries like Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and etc

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey carl,

i have been accused of being a hasbarist about 100 times in the past 2 days.

tired of doing it for free.

think you can write me a rec to the netanyahu government?

but seriously...nobody in the community new that there would be a protest on monday...the consulate was closed...that is why no one was there.

there were many counter protestors there today...again, all the hate coming from the peace loving arabs and their radical leftist drone helpers. also, a significant contingent of truthers were there, spewing their jew and america hate drivel.

im hearing some buzz that heads may roll as a result of the operation, as there were a significant number of those in the military who were against an onboard take over

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Mother Effingby said...

Yesterday, Carl, my 13 year old middle schooler said that "Israel is bad". Which floored me. I asked her what she knew about Israel, and she knew much: Where it is on a map, how small it is, and general geographical things. I asked, "Well, where did you get the idea that Israel is bad?" And she replied, from all my teachers at school, and students."
I was just shocked, and I know I shouldn't be, but this is Lancaster PA, home of some of the largest Israel-friendly churches in the country.
I explained, for an hour, why her teachers were so very wrong. I started with the fact that Jews have always lived in Israel, even when it was called Palestine. And how Jerusalem has always been a Jewish majority city. Where else can they live if not in Israel?
These questions got her thinking. We used google earth to see how much of Israel is cultivated, while much of the surrounding land is barren. I explained how so much of what we rely on as far as cures for illnesses and disease resistant foods, and technology all came from Israel. If anything, we should be thankful that Israel exists.
We then looked at video footage of IDF men being stabbed, thrown overboard, and I asked her...do these peace activists look very peaceful to you?
When we were all finished, she said, 'Mom, I wish you would teach history at our school."
We are homeschooling her next year.

At 12:58 PM, Blogger Broomer said...

May this be the
"Jewish Tiananmen Square"

In the land of protected free speech, this is inexcusable. Shame on the Pro-Israel community for not taking the time to show up! Shame for letting the enemies intimidate you, and oppressing your rights to be Pro-Israel!


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