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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

IHH planned to kidnap an IDF soldier

Israel's Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center has concluded that one of the goals of the IHH thugs aboard the Mavi Marmara two weeks ago was to kidnap an IDF soldier.
According to the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, the hard core members were under the responsibility of the founder and head of the IHH, Bulent Yildirim. Yildirim commanded the operatives on the ship. The operatives had stickers on their clothing giving them the authority to go in and out of any part of the Marmara. Eye witnesses stated that the IHH operatives had radios to communicate with one another and inform each other of what was happening.

During the entire journey, the IHH members practiced a different lifestyle than the rest of the passengers. They all ate together, prayed together and held conferences in which they received religious study lessons. The members developed code words to transfer information to one another during the confrontation. Codes included: “Soldier on board” and “capture soldier” – which proves their plan to kidnap one or more IDF soldiers.
The terrorists also attempted to keep the rest of the passengers from finding out what they were planning.
At this time, Yildirim called to his men, “Turks upstairs, Arabs downstairs”, and hundreds of passengers who were not part of the IHH organization were immediately moved to the inside of the boat, in order not to witness the others getting prepared to the violent confrontation. All of the Turkish passengers gathered late at night on the upper deck. All the IHH activists were asked to get onto the deck, the boat’s sirens were activated and the activists were given instruction to put on gas masks and to wear life jackets.

At this stage, the IHH activists started to saw railings and chains of the Marmara, gathered axes which had been placed in advance in the various fire extinguishing spots of the boat and equipped themselves with knives they had brought with them on the boat. The climax of their preparation was the construction of a mobile hospital on the boat, ready to receive Turkish wounded.

“Our goal is to create a human chain to throw the soldiers back into the sea with chairs and sticks”, Yildrim ordered his men a few minutes before the raid. The activists, some of them wearing masks, were divided into action groups with commanders attached to each group. Gas masks, bullet-proof jackets, clubs, iron bars, chains and bladed weapons were distributed to everyone. The weaponry had been scattered in different places on the upper deck in order to prevent the IDF soldiers from reaching it.

Gas masks, one hundred iron bars, 150 ceramic bullet-proof vests, 50 improvised wooden clubs and a few dozen slingshots, around 20 axes and even electric chainsaws used to saw the railings of the boat were found in the equipment of IHH activists, hidden among their "peace activists" cargo. Despite evidence of the presence of firearms, they were not found on the boat; however the captain of the boat testified that he noticed the operatives throw weapons into the sea.
But as some Leftist bloggers told us in the immediate aftermath, before any investigations were completed, these were 'peace activists' and axes and chainsaws are ordinary items on a ship. Right....


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