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Sunday, June 20, 2010

12 US and Israeli warships cross Suez Canal

Twelve US and Israeli warships crossed the Suez Canal toward the Red Sea on Friday, according to a report on Saturday in al-Quds al-Arabi.
According to the report, thousands of Egyptian soldiers were deployed along the Suez Canal guarding the ships' passage, which included a U.S. aircraft carrier.

The Suez Canal is a strategic Egyptian waterway which connects between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

According to eyewitnesses, the U.S. battleships were the largest to have crossed the Canal in many years, Al-Quds reported.
And where might they be headed?



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At 11:41 PM, Blogger Augusto Sousa said...

This is Why I Love American Power and Better the Americans than any others. (my word verification is JOYESS)

At 11:50 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Your guess is as good as mine.


At 11:56 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

It is definitely curious. But I have to ask perhaps the stupid question in the room, why are you showing the Straits of Hormuz?

At 5:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lillian, here's a hint for you:

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?

A. To get to the other side!

At 6:50 AM, Blogger ais cotten19 said...

Sounds like they could be potentially on a collision course with the Iranian ship that set sail for Gaza last week. I wonder if the Iranians are up for that.


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