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Friday, May 14, 2010

'You don't ditch your ally in order to make an appeal to someone else'

Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institute interviews Johns Hopkins Professor Fouad Ajami regarding Israel. Ajami is quite critical of the Obama administration. He says that Obama is convinced that you need to put forward a 'peace process' and if the 'Palestinians' don't want to negotiate then give them something else, and if the 'Palestinians' can't put forward a peace plan Obama should put one forward. Ajami says this attitude will inevitably bring Obama into conflict with Israel.

But here's the bombshell: Ajami says that it's Prime Minister Netanyahu's job to do something about Iran's nuclear weapons unless someone else acts, and Ajami doesn't expect anyone else to act.

Watch the video here. Ajami makes clear that Obama has abandoned the playing field on Iran to Prime Minister Netanyahu.


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