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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Why Assad keeps arming Hezbullah

Well, this is an interesting theory:
"He won't abandon Iran and continues to arm Hezbollah because the Iranians could implicate him DIRECTLY in Hariri's murder instead of just some third-rate Syrian and Hezbollah killers.

The UN Tribunal can dilute Iranian extortion by implicating him directly. Only then, real negotiations will be meaningful"


At 1:35 AM, Blogger nomatter said...

The UN did nothing about the Hariri assassination because they are duplicitous.

The US did nothing to push for action because they used up their point cards already with the UN on Iraq War. This rendered the US impotent in their true advantage as being the mightiest power on earth.

Iran has nothing to do with this except continuing to use Syria as a vehicle to terror. Hate to tell you, Iran needs Syria more then Syria needs Iran.

Because of the web of deceit, better known as "you wash my hand, I'll wash yours" we are all in the situation we now find ourselves in. The big winners, Iran and Syria. This the exact reason Assad has the power to continue arming Hezbullah. Throw in some toothless condemnations here, some weak warnings there...some back door diplomacy coupled with the weakest sanctions on earth and this spells trouble. Now we add Obama to the pot of miseries staring us straight in the face.

We got rid of Saddam but we paid a mighty big price for it. So did Israel. (big time)

You can tie one string starting with the son of Hariri, right to Hezbullah, to the Lebanese Parliament, through their army to Syria all the way to Iran and everywhere else in-between. They are all worthless terrorists enabled by a world without a tooth in their mouths. We give our lives in blood and money, and one hell of a huge truckload of white paint for all of them and for what??


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